DBSA Albuquerque has elected its board for 2017! Congratulations go to …

Executive Board
Steve Bringe – President
Stephanie Juddo – Vice President
Sarah Salway – Secretary
Frank Perry – Treasurer

Board Members at Large
Megan Cox – Director, Chapter Activities Committee
Jana Perry – Director, Education & Outreach Committee

Many thanks go to outgoing 2016 Board members Rasma Cox and Yvonne Cox.

It’s a bit belated coming this year. We’ll be holding elections for our 2018 board in October, 2017. If you’d like to be part of the DBSA Albuquerque board helping to lead our chapter and manage the business of our chapter, please consider nominating yourself this coming October.

Personal note from Steve
I will not be returning as president for 2018. Line in the sand, although I will remain as a member of our chapter and offer my assistance to incoming boards as a resource and guide if requested.

While I’ve appreciated the support I’ve had managing our chapter, it’s time to allow our fellow peers the same opportunity as I did in empowering myself by being part of our board. I’m transitioning to personal educational advocacy projects that are a true passion for me which continue to include DBSA Albuquerque.

We have a great team this year and we’ve hit the ground running with the overarching theme “SUSTAINABILITY”. We’re always looking for chapter member volunteers to help out, so please consider being a volunteer for your chapter.