STS Education Programs

Stand Up To Stigma, LLC is the premier mental health education program that is entirely peer-run and peer-owned.

Stand Up To Stigma (SUTS) offers peer education programs that bring peers and the community together for greater understanding of what is like living with the challenges and triumphs of a mental health diagnosis, with the two goals of:

Empowering peers by bringing their life experience, stories, and strength to the community.

Breaking down biases, prejudices, and stigmas through education and understanding.

SUTS currently offers five education programs:

  • Laugh It Off
  • You Can’t Always See It
  • Get To Know Me
  • Milestones In My Recovery Journey
  • I’m Not My Symptoms
  • Peer And Police Safety

Stand Up To Stigma is always looking for new recruits! For more information, please email