Welcome to DBSA Albuquerque
The Power of Peer Support Groups

DBSA Albuquerque provides safe, welcome, and confidential peer support groups for those living with the challenges and triumphs of a mental health diagnosis. Our support groups are run by peers and for peers, a place for you to come chat about your issues, concerns, and needs as a peer with others who implicitly understand you because they’ve been there, too.

Who Attends DBSA Albuquerque Peer Support Groups?

Our chapter welcomes all in our community. You needn’t have specifically depression or bipolar. We have members who share openly their challenges and triumphs with schizophrenia, PTSD, anxiety, TBI, autism, co-occurring and just any mental health and behavioral health life experiences imaginable. We peers have so much more in common than you might believe.

We also welcome the friends and families of peers who are interested in understanding their loved ones better from hearing the stories our participants share. We also welcome friends and families to attend our peer support groups if your loved one would like some “moral support.”

May I Come and Observe
a DBSA Albuquerque
Peer Support Group?

Yes. With a few simple guidelines:

  1. You participate in group as a member and not as a provider, student or interested community representative.
  2. You identify yourself as an observer and for what you are attending our peer support group (such as a student fulfilling a class requirement, a provider interested in understanding their patients better, or a public servant in the behavioral health field).
  3. You DO NOT take notes or record the support group.
  4. You DO NOT mention anyone by name outside of group.
  5. You respect our implicit confidentiality by not referring to any specific story details shared by fellow members.
  6. We are all equal.

We do have a simple vetting process with our volunteer board, so please contact us prior to attending. Also, if any peer member is uncomfortable with your attendance at the support group, we will need to coordinate for another time you may attend.

Please don’t be concerned. To date, we’ve never turned away an observer. In fact, peer members are typically thrilled to welcome individuals who are taking their time to help make our lives better. Thank you!

A Short Blurb About
Our DBSA Albuquerque Chapter.

We are The Albuquerque Chapter of The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – an international organization with over 700 chapters worldwide – and we collaborate closely with many chapters in our global organization. DBSA Albuquerque is the longest-running DBSA chapter and most-highly-regarded peer-managed mental health support group in New Mexico.

We’re always happy to see new faces!

You are not alone.

We’ve been there. We can help.

Best of mental health to you,
All of us at DBSA Albuquerque