DBSA Albuquerque April/May Event – Hike at Petroglyph National Monument – Sunday, May 1, 2011

We’ve been waiting for the infamous New Mexico spring winds to die down some before setting a date for this event. It looks like the first weekend of May is going to be a good window for this 1 mile hike into Piedras Marcadas Canyon at Petroglyph National Monument on Albuquerque’s Westside.

Piedras Marcadas Canyon is at the north end of the national monument, just north of the Paseo Del Norte/Golf Course intersection. The trail to the main set of petroglyphs (prehistoric rock carvings) is about a 1 mile round trip on an unimproved, sandy trail that is a flat terrain with no significant changes in trail elevation.

Sturdy shoes (athletic shoes or hiking boots) and water are a must for this trip. You might also consider a wide-brimmed hat.

There is no entry fee for Petroglyph National Monument. Entry is free of charge.

This event is open to all DBSA members, their family and their friends.

When: 12:00 noon, Sunday, May 1, 2011
Where: Piedras Marcadas Canyon, Petroglyph National Monument

From Paseo Del Norte/Golf Course intersection

  • From Paseo Del Norte/Golf Course intersection, drive north on Golf Course approximately 0.3 mile to Shelly Rose Road. Turn left (west) onto Shelly Rose Road. You’ll see Rio Vista Church on south corner of Golf Course and Shelly Rose.
  • Take Shelly Rose Road 0.1 mile to Tia Christina. Turn right (north) on Tia Christina.
  • Drive 0.1 to the parking of Las Marcadas II Park, which will be on your left (west side of road).
  • Park in small parking lot and get ready to hike!

From Paradise/Golf Course intersection

  • From Paradise/Golf Course intersection, travel south on Golf Course approximately 0.3 mile to Marna Lynn. Turn right (west) onto Marna Lynn, just after Roberts Oil gas station.
  • Take Marna Lynn 0.2 mile to Tia Christina. Turn left (south) on Tia Christina.
  • Take Tia Christina 0.05 mile south to Las Marcadas II Park, which is almost immediately on your right.
  • Park in small parking lot and get ready to hike!

It’s been suggested we go for refreshments after the hike. This is open for discussion to see how many participants would be interested. There is a Sonic less than a mile from Piedras Marcadas Canyon.

Carpooling/ride sharing can be coordinated for those in need of transportation. You can sign up for the hike and carpooling/ride sharing at the Thursday meetings before the support groups, or you can call Steve Bringe at 505-514-6750 or email at skbringe@gmail.com. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

DBSA Support Group Facilitator Training – Friday, April 29, 7pm

As announced earlier, DBSA Albuquerque is looking for peers to facilitate our Thursday night support group meetings. Here are the details:

We are meeting at 7pm, April 29th, at Trinity United Methodist Church (click here for directions) in the dining area. We will have beverages and pizza (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).  The training will last about an hour and our evening should come to a close at about 8:30pm. It is a casual training and we hope to have some fun as well. We look forward to a greater number of peer facilitators to assist us with our growing groups. Thanks for your help!

If you are interested and haven’t signed up for the training yet, you can do so at the Thursday night meetings.